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Privacy policy of "Vatora Japan co.,ltd."

"Vatora Japan co.,ltd" recognizes personal information protection to be important.
"Vatora Japan co.,ltd" carries out privacy and policy as follows.

1.The observance of laws and ordinances.
Our company observe laws and ordinances about personal information.

2.The acquisition of personal information.
Our company acquire personal information according to laws and ordinances.

3.The use of personal information.
Our company handle this by a necessary range.

4.About disclosure of information.
Personal information uses "service and guidance" as a purpose.
In addition, personal information doesn't disclose it to other people besides the following case.

When a user admitted it.
When it was admitted by a law.
When collaborating in an approved thing by a law.
When being emergency to be related to life of a person.
When needing it for service.
When keeping a right of our company.
When a company except our company does part of work of our company.
In this case our company and this company do a contract to keep a secret of a member.
When a related company answers an inquiry of a user.

5.About management of personal information.
Our company manage personal information by a high level.

6.Respect of a right.
When a user hoped for "a correction and elimination" of personal information, our company execute "a correction and elimination".

7.About a change of privacy policy.
There isn't an agreement of a user, and our company can change contents of privacy.

May 1, 2008

Vatora Japan co.,ltd.

Inquiry about privacy policy.

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